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Sequoia and beyond: The road toward exascale computing

B. Bihari

Functional decomposition of computations on modern computer architectures

M. Cytowski

Computational challenges in coupled high-fidelity multiphysics simulations of particle transport

D. K. Kaushik

Implementation for scientific computing: FEM and FMM

M. Knepley

Large scale computation on GPU cluster

M. Liebmann, Z. Horváth

On the mapping of high performance specification into a kiloprocessor FPGA

P. Szolgay, Cs. Nemes, Z. Nagy, M. Ruszinkó, A. Kis, L. Füredi, Zs. Vörösházi

Optimalization of a ray-tracing rendering engine parallel implementation

K. Jakubowsky, B. Borucki

N-body cosmological simulations on modern computer architectures

M. Cytowski, W.A. Hellwing, T. Klos

Performance analysis of scientific applications on Power7 processor

M. Cytowski, M. Filocha, P. Iwaniuk, J. Katarzynski, M. Marchwiany, A. Niegowski, M. Remiszewski, M. Szpindler, M. Wolszczak

Accelerators for HP hardware

A. Haraszti

Efficient time integration for memory-intensive PDE codes

D. I. Ketcheson

 A speculative grid scheduler

 T. Kozsik, Z. Horváth, A. Ulbert, L. Cs. Lőrincz

 Parallelization of a moving mesh algorithm

L. Környei, A. Horváth, Z. Horváth

GPU accelerated optimization: Best curve approximation in pill identification

G. Haase, A. Kucher

Workflow language definition and workflow handling in P-Grade Portal

M. Kozlovszky, Á. Balaskó, K. Karoczkai, I. Marton, G. Hermann, K. Varga, Z. Farkas, P. Kacsuk

Reconfigurable image processing platform

T. Raikovich, B. Fehér

FPGA and GPU performance comparison

P. Szántó, B. Fehér

Fast tomographic reconstruction on parallel hardware

G. Takacs, Z. Horvath, G. Veres

What could you do with a Petabyte of memory ora a petaflop of compute?

T. Temesi

Parallel Lattice Bolzmann flow simulations

G. Hazi, G. Toth

 Introduction to high performance computing at Knorr-Bremse R&D Centre Budapest

Á. Juhász, Á. Veress, L. Palkovics

Grid-enabled solver for numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction problems

H. Yang